Luxury Villa in Orlando, Florida  

 Terms & Conditions


Once we have received a completed booking form it confirms your commitment to renting the property on the dates stated and indicates all persons listed are in agreeance with the terms and conditions detailed below.
Shortly after submission you will receive a confirmation email. The booking will then be processed and you should receive a response and invoice for the deposit within a few working days. This deposit must be paid as soon as possible to secure the dates requested.

After paying the deposit you must then print, complete and post the lease contract. The lease contract is downloadable here.
To view this you will need adobe acrobat reader, which is freely available on
If you are still unable to view the file, please contact

Once we receive the lease contract we will invoice you via email with the total rental amount.


All payments can be made to are made through paypal. Payment can also be made by UK or US cheques or directly wired to our UK or Florida bank account. Alternatively secure payments can be made using all major credit cards through paypal upon receipt of an email invoice. To check supported payments via paypal please visit

The balance  is due 8 weeks before the arrival date. For bookings made within 8 weeks of arrival date must be paid in full at time of booking.

Your responsibility (Lessee): The party must treat the property it's furniture, fittings, utensils and other facilities with respect. Any loss or damage must be reported immediately to the owners.  Furniture, draperies, etc. shall not be moved or rearranged from their original places. The applicant must make good or pay for any loss, damage or breakage or incurred expenses.   Please donít remove anything from the home or the property.  Lessee (you) agree not to paint, or make any alterations to the property, including changing existing locks or adding new ones.  The owners (Lessor) reserve the right to withhold any monies from the security deposit to pay for any loss or damage caused to the property or its contents by any member of the party. Contract is between the property owners and the party leader who must sign the booking form accepting the conditions on behalf of all persons named on the booking form, including those substituted or added by agreed amendment of the booking. A contract exists when you have paid a deposit and we have accepted and confirmed your booking in writing. The applicant accepts these conditions on behalf of all the members of the party. Only persons named on the booking form are entitled to use the property.

1. Arrival at the property (unless otherwise advised to you in writing) should be after 4.00 pm local time. The property must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure.  Late departure will result in a forfeit of your security.

2. CANCELLATION:   We, the owners, may cancel a booking at any time or switch booking to an equivalent or upgraded house of our choosing.    We understand that a reduction in length of your stay cannot always be anticipated.  We do not offer refunds for shortened stays.  If the lessee abandons or vacates the premises, Lessor (owners) may opt to terminate this lease, enter the premises, and remove all property.  Any cancellation by you, the guest, of a booking must be in writing and is subject to the following cancellation charges:
* More than 8 weeks prior to your arrival date - full deposit returned
* Between 4 and 8 weeks prior to your arrival date - 50% of the total rental cost charged.
* Less than 4 weeks prior to your arrival date 100% of the total rental cost charged.

3. FORCE MAJEURE: The owners of the property or their servants or agents will not be liable for loss or delay occasioned by any of the following: Strikes, Riots, Political Unrest, Hostilities, War, or threat of War, Terrorist Activity, Closure of Airports, burglary, weather or any other event beyond the owners control.

4. SECURITY BOND: A bond of £200/$360 will be held on  the behalf of the owners against loss or damage occasioned by the use of the property by the parties to this agreement. The bond will be fully refundable (within 4 weeks of vacating the villa) after a satisfactory status report has been received.

5. As the property has a swimming pool, the owners and the owner's agents do not accept liability for injury howsoever caused as a result of the use of the pool. Guests are specifically requested not to allow unsupervised children to use the pool, which is around five-six feet deep at the deepest part. Swim at your own risk & be careful on the flooring of the lanai and house with wet feet.  Pool heater, if part of your rental, will be set to a maximum of 86 degrees F. Do not attempt to adjust the heat yourself or you may lose your security deposit.  Owners are not responsible for  weather hindering the pool or to heat to 86 degrees F. Examine furniture, especially baby/children's furniture (ie. High chair, stroller, etc) for defects/breakage prior to use.

6. Maintenance: The property will be cleaned prior to your arrival and after you have departed. Although the property will be cleaned after your departure it must still be left in an orderly state and all kitchen utensils should be washed. Should the property require extensive cleaning then the owners or their booking agent reserve the right to withhold any monies from the security deposit to pay the extra cleaning.  The owners make every effort to assure that appliances and pool equipment and a/c unit are in operating condition, and ask you to report any problems as soon as they are discovered.  The owners or their agents will make every effort to correct the problem; however, at times we must wait for parts, repairmen or outside service, etc.  Refunds will not be made due to mechanical failure of anything on the premises. 

7. Problems: Any complaints related to the accommodation must be made in writing to the owners within 24 hours of any problem arising, who will endeavour to put things right.  Only emergencies will be handled after the hour of  9 P.M. to 9 A.M. We will not consider the owner, their agents or representatives liable for any complaint that was not initially registered with during your stay.

8. The Applicant is hereby made aware that there is a Personal Computer at the house.  We cannot guarantee internet speed or connectivity.   There are no full or partial refunds due to P.C. malfunctions.  The owners, their agents or representatives will not accept liability for complaints arising from any objectionable internet content, programs, or downloaded files.   Additionally, there are no refunds for telephone or cable or modem outages.

9. The owner, Management Company or their agent will not be liable for any loss or delay caused by conditions over which they have no control. The owner, Management Company or their agent will not be liable for any loss due to noise or disturbance from anywhere within the vicinity of the rental property.  Quiet time is between 11:00P.M. and 8 A.M..  Lessee assures the Lessor that the tenants will observe all conditions and terms of this lease as to maintaining the premises in good working order and appearance and will conduct themselves in a manner inoffensive to the neighbors.   Lessee assures Lessor that the tenants will not disturb, annoy, endanger, or inconvenience neighbors, nor use the premises for any immoral or unlawful purposes, nor violate any law or ordinance, nor commit waste or nuisance on or about the premises.  Lessee agrees that any tenant found using illegal drugs on the premises will be immediately denied occupancy at these premises.   The owner, Management Company or their agent shall be permitted access to the interior/exterior of the property at reasonable hours with advanced notification whenever possible unless for emergencies.  In the event the house is for sale, the owner's real estate agent may escort potential buyers on the property and through the house with notice.

10. Climate: the Applicant is hereby made aware that, as Florida is a tropical climate it is the home of many insects etc. All homes are treated on a regular basis to repel such unwanted visitors, but inevitably they occasionally will find there way inside properties from time to time. They are best eradicated by spraying with an appropriate product. 

11. Only those persons identified on the booking form are authorised to use the property. Any changes to the persons booked to occupy the villa must be notified for insurance purposes.  The maximum number of guests in the villa is ten, with the condition that all persons sleep in the bedrooms/beds provided.  If you exceed the 10 respectively persons or the number of persons identified on the booking form, you will have to leave the house and forfeit your security deposit.  Management Company/housekeeping reports occupancy to owner.

12. No pets please.  If you have travelled with your pet, they must be placed in a kennel, pet hotel or other safe accommodation at a cost to you.

13. For the comfort of our future guests we respectfully request that there is no smoking inside the villa.  Smoking inside will result in a security deposit forfeit.

14.  Your stay is reserved after we received the booking form completely filled out and a deposit of at least 20%. 

15. is not responsible for refilling ink/toner in the printer/fax machines and batteries.

16.  There are no full or partial refunds after check in.

17. reserves the right to change door or security codes, phone number, phone subscription, cable subscription and the management company at any time.

18.  No firearms, weapons of any kind, explosive devices such as fireworks are permitted in the house or on the premises.

19.  Liability:  I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the homeowners and agents of from any loss, liability, damage, theft or cost I may incur due to my occupancy on the premises or from participation in any activities on the premises.    Any disputes arising under this Agreement shall be mediated subject to the rules of the American Arbitration Association at the branch closest to Davenport or shall be filed in a Court closest to Davenport.

20. Lessee may not let, or sublet, or assign this lease for all or any part of the premises.

21.  Lessee understands that any tenant who is found violating any terms of this lease shall be immediately denied occupancy on the premises and shall remedy any damages or other expenses, which are caused by the tenant/ and/or the tenantís guest(s).

We hope that you enjoy your stay in our vacation home and appreciate your cooperation with the following.

We provide a BBQ to you at no extra charge.  If you use it, you are expected to clean it fully before your check-out, otherwise it will result in a security deposit forfeit.

Please wash colors separate from whites (ie. Towels and sheets), otherwise just leave them for housekeeping after your check-out.

Garbage collection is twice per week, Monday and Thursday mornings.  Please ensure your garbage is outside for collection on the relevant day. Due to wildlife, it is best to put out the garbage early in the morning on collection day.  Otherwise, an animal may spill the garbage onto the property and you will be responsible for it's clean-up.

If the home is left in an unacceptable condition, for example more than the usual wear and tear for a family on a daily basis, your security deposit will be forfeited. The home is serviced by housekeeping before and after your stay.  Upon check out, and passing inspection, deposit will be returned within 4 weeks.  Inventory is kept on both small & large items provided in the home and will be inspected after check-out.

Do not attempt to alter the settings, download files or to fix any problems that may arise with the P.C. yourself.

Phone calls to USA & Canada are included in your
rent.  All other calls will be deducted from your security deposit.

Keep all food in sealed containers or in the refrigerator, clean all spills immediately, keep drains closed and do not leave dishes in the sink in order to avoid unwanted pests!! Please do not feed any wildlife or allow any wildlife into the house or into the screened lanai as they will cause damage and can be dangerous to you.

Once again we thank you for staying with and appreciate your help in keeping our home looking great for all of our guests.

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